Sunday, July 10, 2011

Certified Letters sent to all Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles Board Members

We have just sent letters by certified mail to all nine of the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles Board Members. It had a cover letter, a printout of the History News Network web page with the letter to Rick Perry and information about the two extremist books the Confederate Veteran is selling in the July/August 2011 issue. This was the racist and anti-Semitic book "South Under Siege," and racist and Klan praising book "Southern by the Grace of God."

The board members, which includes many car dealers, will have to consider whether they want to have on their records approving an Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) license plate despite being informed of what type of organization the SCV is. Probably not.

Also, the opponents of the license plate on the Texas DMV board will find the information very useful and we of course will be willing to supply more information.

We will be reporting on additional developments in the next week.

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